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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Important Plugins For WordPress

To maximize your wordpress blog or your hosting wordpres, I 'll try to share some of the plugins that I think is very beneficial both to improve SEO and page ranking of your blog as well as to maximize the look of your ads. 
Some of the plugins that I use is: 
1. All in One SEO, helping you improve your keyword's performance blog. 
2. XML - Sitemap, help search engines navigate your blog so that visitors to more easily get into your blog. 
3. SEO SearchTerms 2, can significantly enhance the visitor, this plugin is perfect for blogs that are new ( few months old ) 
4. Easy Adsense Lite, helps you to maximize your ad display any blog. 

Wordpress plugin that's enough that I think is very useful, if there are additional Again I really hope you give the information passing comment. Thank you.


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