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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Definition and Function of SEO

In the blogging world we often see the word or acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimazation ). Of some notions of SEO that I've read, I think the definition of SEO is optimizing a blog as well as improve the ranking on the first page of search engines by optimizing certain keywords so as to make visitors to easily visit your blog ( your blog visitors will be busy ). In other words, SEO is search engine optimization in order to identify your blog quickly thus increasing the number of visits to your blog.
To that end, understanding this SEO you should understand as much as possible, so that you can understand the functions, benefits, and ways of SEO is because it can provide the advantages of the internet world or the so- called Internet Marketing.
The function and purpose of SEO is to increase the page ranking of a webite to always indexed by search engines so it can appear on the main page so bring traffic / number of visitors in large numbers through the search engines.
Thus understanding and functions of SEO  from me , may be useful to increase your knowledge in the world of blogging. Thank you^^


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